Psychometrics: unleash your superhuman talents

Psychometrics. Sounds like something out of a lab experiment, right? Someone in a hospital gown hooked up to wires that monitor brain waves?
No, it’s not a scene from Stranger Things. It’s cutting-edge technology that when mixed with a powerful algorithm, is changing the game in human resources, online advertising and customer experience.

By definition, psychometrics is the science of measuring mental capacities and processes. Algorithms and predictive analytics are used everywhere from Facebook to Amazon measuring behavior as an indicator of content preferences and buying habits. But now we are seeing this technology used in a brand new way.

Talentoday’s personality questionnaire and underlying algorithm leverage psychology and data science to discover someone’s unique personality traits and motivations. What makes this test unique? Talentoday was born out of in depth research done by top psychologists and will not place you into a Myers Briggs box — it is the only one of its kind in HR.

Talentoday for Hiring Managers & Recruiters:

The real psychometric magic happens when the behind the scenes computing is combined with a simple (& free) online questionnaire that was designed with busy professionals, like you, in mind. It can be accessed on any device, includes short and easy to comprehend questions, and takes an average of 11 minutes to finish.

While the questionnaire goes in depth, you do not need a Ph.D to understand the results. Assessment information is presented in an easy to read format, allowing hiring managers to make data-driven decisions about potential employees rather than relying solely on gut instincts developed during interviews.

Talentoday Questionnaire Results: Motivation & Personality Radars

To get even more out of the reports, Talentoday offers a certification program that will show you how to review results at a deeper level. One member of a hiring team or HR office can become an expert and share their knowledge with the rest of the team.

With a deeper understanding of a candidate’s personality, companies can more accurately know how a candidate will fit the job description and office culture, which will lead to a higher rate of a successful hire and increased employee retention long term.


Job Matching Technology: Get your Free Trial

HR offices and staffing agencies can also use the target profiles created from Talentoday’s growing database to match their incoming candidates to. The job matching system (above) shows managers if the candidates meet the essential criteria — reducing the risk of hiring a bad fit and saving time in the process.

The whole thing is built to scale, and can be customized to fit any organization’s needs.

Talentoday for the average joe

On the other side of the house, candidates now have full access to their superpowers. Score a 9 in creativity? Time to play up your best qualities in your next interview and land the job you have been eyeing the first time around. The company also offers career recommendations in a comprehensive PDF report and includes interview questions to help you prepare.

Want to learn more? Try the free personality assessment for yourself. You’ve got nothing to lose and only insight and data to gain. Unleash those super powers folks!

Allie Powers

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Are you in the wrong job?

How using your personality strengths leads to job satisfaction.

You have a job, but is it really the job you want?

Sure, you may get along with your coworkers and feel fulfilled by your work at least some of the time, but you still can’t resist checking out job posting sites or asking around about potential openings at happy hour.

You are not alone. It’s easier than ever to apply for jobs, network with companies and recruiters, and work from the comfort of home or your local coffee shop — meaning that workers are changing jobs more often than ever.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, about one-third of new hires quit their jobs after six months, and CareerBuilder reports that 32 percent of employers expect their employees to job hop.

Some who leave jobs find that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, beginning another cycle of job searching. However, a new wave of data-driven hiring is making it easier for companies and employees to find long-term matches.

If the employee’s personality fits with the company, chances are the employee will stay longer. And, companies are using personality data to understand the roots of human behavior and how to shape their businesses accordingly — a strategy known as people analytics.

They know your buying habits and can compare them to similar consumers to suggest new products for you, predict future behavior, or improve customer service. Entrepreneur reports that the Container Store is doing just that by using wearable technology to track employee interactions with customers on the sales floor.

People analytics applies to hiring, too. Search committees and sorting through endless stacks of resumes to arbitrarily pick a candidate may soon become a thing of the past in favor of data-driven placements that match a candidate’s personality with the open position and company’s culture.

There are many options out there when it comes to online personality assessments, but not all are created equally. Talentoday’s personality test was specifically designed for a professional setting. The questions are no longer than a Tweet and each has only two possible answers. They fly by and the entire thing can be completed in just a few minutes.

Are you a leader or a follower? Are you open to new assignments and challenges? How comfortable are you speaking in public and interacting with others you don’t know? The psychometric test gives you answers to those questions and uses a scientific algorithm to provide you with the career advice you have been yearning for.

The answers from your personality test can be shared on social media or with recruiters who can place you into jobs that fit your skill set and puts you on the path toward a long-term career in that field — minimizing the potential that you’ll be job hunting again in six months or a year.

Before you hit the job board next time, consider taking a personality test to find a long-term career that motivates you and uses your strongest traits to your advantage.