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Empowering Growth: Our People-driven Purpose.
Talentoday is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their true potential and grow. How do we do it? With a commitment to careful science and people analytics that are easy to put to work.
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Science of Talentoday

Our science is serious. Our tools are simple & effective.

From Vast Data To Easy, Actionable People & Business Insights

At Talentoday, we believe in serious science done simply.

Our proprietary, AI-driven soft skill testing algorithms and predictive analytics uncover the personality traits, behaviors and motivational factors that shape individuals and teams.

While the science behind our analytics is advanced, the reports and insights we produced are simple, easy to use.

It’s a balance of science and simplicity that ensures accuracy and understanding.

Razor-sharp Analytics & Intuitive Data Visualization

Talentoday harnesses the power of predictive data analytics to help individuals and businesses make the best decisions at all phases of the employment life cycle: recruitment, assessment, hiring, team building and development.

We pride ourselves on delivering clear, digestible reports with data-driven visualizations and findings that people can use to make important career choices, and businesses can leverage for thoughtful workforce planning and development.

Dive into the science underpinning Talentoday.

Science & Tech of Talentoday

The Science & Tech of Talentoday

See how the latest predictive data analytics and interactive presentation technology shape Talentoday.
The Science of Talentoday
MyPrint Innovations & Insights - Talentoday

MyPrint Innovations & Insights

Get the facts on how our cutting-edge, self-reported questionnaire explores individual personality and motivations.
The Science of MyPrint
Power of People Analytics - Talentoday

The Power of People Analytics

Discover how we put the best of science behind our tools to deliver analytics you can act on.
The Science of People Analytics

The values that drive & inspire us.

Desire to Serve Others - Talentoday

Desire to Serve Others

Innovation, science and technology are most powerful when used to serve our communities. Our goal at Talentoday is to deliver these three elements globally and provide our employers, professionals and students with insights to better understand what makes everyone unique and empower them to thrive.

Will Do What Others Won’t Icon - Talentoday

Will Do What Others Won’t

To differentiate ourselves as both professionals and an organization, we are willing to do what others will not. We will dedicate extensive energy and resources to ensure we are an organization that our global network of members and customers can count on for exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Never, Never, Never Give Up - Talentoday

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Being committed to scientific and technological innovation in a fast-paced industry holds no shortage of challenges, both personally and professionally. The key is perseverance. What separates Talentoday is no matter the obstacle, we will create a solution to overcome the challenge. We will always continue to persist and commit ourselves to improving our science and technology.

Locking Arms to Achieve Goals - Talentoday

Locking Arms to Achieve Goals

We have committed ourselves to making sure Talentoday is a place where we will acknowledge each other’s time and potential. We empower, encourage and assist each other in achieving our goals individually, as well as our goals as an organization to best serve our employers, professionals and students.

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Our purpose.

Talentoday is committed to fulfilling our core purpose of positively impacting lives by empowering individual growth through our commitment to science and providing innovative solutions to employees, professionals and students by:

  • Partnering with employers to aid in the development of a workplace culture that is authentic, cohesive and prosperous.
  • Ensuring professionals understand their strengths, motivations and growth opportunities to achieve both personal and professional success.
  • Supporting students through uncovering their potential and maximizing future success as they shape their academic and career goals.

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The Talentoday story.

Part of the Medix family of people-centric, purpose-led businesses, Talentoday was founded in 2012 to provide science-backed, data-driven talent insights to individuals and businesses.

Talentoday has become a global leader in predictive people analytics, providing powerful career, team, and workforce intelligence to individuals and businesses around the world. Our people intelligence database includes millions of profiles from individuals in more than 160 countries. Our analytics and reports shape thousands of critical business and career decisions every day.

Despite the broad reach of our tools and the deep science behind our technology, we are a company that measures success in people--the careers we support, the hires we guide, the teams we build and the businesses we advise. When we succeed, people thrive.

About Talentoday Story

Driving business & career success.

“If you are serious about integrating psychometrics to your business, I could not think of a better and easier way and team to do so.”
Alex Bitoun
Founder & CEO
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With People Passion & Science Precision, We're Unlocking Potential.

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