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People Analytics. It's What Your Solution Is Missing.
Increase the analytical capabilities and value of your solution with the Talentoday API, which easily integrates with software platforms, HR tech and internal company apps.
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Talentoday API is a REST API and follows OpenAPI Specifications (OAS3) standards.

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Provide soft skills assessments and data-driven talent insights

With Talentoday’s Software Development Kit (SDK), your users can complete the MyPrint assessment—the market’s most comprehensive and easy-to-use soft skills profile—all within your application.

It’s a seamless experience that produces powerful career and talent insights.

Put Personality Data to Work

The scores are computed along the MyPrint framework using state-of-the-art IRT computational techniques.

Scores can be combined with your internal KPIs to draw correlation and eventually boost performance.

Matching with Predictive Analytics

Our matching algorithm helps organizations identify success traits by role, department and even company culture.

Our API allows organization to create optimized job and/or team profiles to greatly improve candidate-to-job matching success.

Reports Make Data Accessible, Easy

Our different reports can be downloaded individually and in mass thanks to Talentoday’s Partners API.

Our API will let you archive the PDF files in your own database, Electronic Document Management or even ATS/HRIS solutions.

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Powering 10K+ assessments each day via partner API.

“Our success is being a personalized, relationships-driven organization. We are taking time to understand and get to know our candidates, and it’s the perfect tool to allow us to do that. It’s already absolutely contributing to our success every day.”
Matt Martino
Director of Digital Strategy

Brand the Experience

The MyPrint questionnaire theme can be easily customized to match your app’s identity and ensure a seamless and graphically aligned user interface.

You maintain a consistent UI while your users gain powerful new ways to see and understand their potential.

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Advanced Data Analytics and Easy Integration

Thanks to Talentoday’s Partners API, integration is a snap. With just a couple lines of code, the powerful MyPrint assessment will be live in your solution in no time.

Discover All the Ways the Talentoday API Can Enhance Your Solution.

Ready to see if the Talentoday API is right for your solution? We invite you to review the tech specs and let us know if you're ready to embrace the power of our people analytics.
See Our Integration GuidesAdditional API Resources