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Talentoday’s people analytics are designed to be put to good use.

With our training and consulting support, we teach clients how to use the data to improve hiring, placement, training and career development processes and results.
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Learn a new side of people with Talentoday training.

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People Science Revealed

Learn the psychology and social science that drives people analytics. Find out exactly what you gain by understanding talent and teams at this level.

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Behaviors & Motivations

Explore why quantitative behavioral and motivational data are factored into talent and team profiles to yield a bigger, sharper picture.

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Understanding Personality

Find out what personality assessments reveal and how those insights shape employment and management decisions.

Why Should Your Team Members Be Fluent in People Analytics?

  • To build more effective, dynamic teams based on proven people science.
  • To improve decision making and results across the entire employment life cycle.
  • To increase interviewing effectiveness with essential candidate insight.
The beauty of Talentoday is not only in the simple, easy-to-use tech. It's also in the powerful science it's built on. Our training ensures you know both in order to make critical decisions, transform workplace processes and build better teams and career paths.
How to Conduct a Soft Skills Interview in 4 Easy Steps
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How Can You Leverage Our Consulting Services?

  • Partner with our recruiting experts to optimize interviews for candidates.
  • Work with our teams to build job profiles with soft skills intelligence.
  • Identify soft skill gaps and strengths across teams.
Talentoday consulting services provide added expertise to help businesses make the most of their people data.
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Accelerate Your Ability to Put Good Data to Great Use.

  • Become an expert in the full capacity of Talentoday’s profiles and reports.
  • Help managers become data-driven, personalized coaches & leaders.
  • Enhance your ability to understand candidate and/or employee goals & needs.
Talentoday delivers people data you can act on. With our training, HR, business leaders and career coaches can all learn strategies and practices for leveraging people intelligence across the entire employment life cycle.
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