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Elevate recruiting & matching with people analytics.

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Recruit with Efficiency

Focus on the right candidates and opportunities.

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Optimize Interviews

Ask the right questions based on soft skill assessment insights.

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Enhance the Candidate Experience

Improve the recruitment journey with insight into candidate needs and goals.

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Scale & Grow

Integrate soft skills analytics into your offering and embrace growth.

Talentoday Manager

Differentiate your business with data.

“Talentoday Manager is the perfect platform for us to really explore personalities, behavioral drivers and motivators face-to-face and get to know people more. The assessment blended in perfectly to existing processes so it’s very easy to dissect the results to understand the results.”
Lucy MaversFormer Head of Executive Search PracticeMLC Partners

Match Candidates To Jobs Using Science.

  • Align candidates with jobs by personality, motivations and behaviors.
  • Find the right match faster with more efficient interviews.
  • Use predictive analytics to map redeployment opportunities.
Recruiters gain a powerful talent targeting and job matching tool with Talentoday Manager. It’s simple for candidates to use and provides sophisticated soft skills profiles of candidates that you can share with clients.
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Want Data You Can Act On? We've Got You Covered.
  • Predictive personality, motivation and behavior data
  • Predominant traits data
  • Percentage match to role data
  • Leadership potential data
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Gain Talent Knowledge. Improve Talent Outcomes.

  • Use a science-based, analytical approach for candidate evaluation.
  • Enrich your and personalize your candidate experience.
  • Give clients data that will help them optimize the talent experience.
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Transform Your Recruitment Process and Results With Soft Skills Data.

With Talentoday, you can infuse science-driven soft skills expertise into your staffing services, candidate engagement, and redeployment strategies. Ready to take your business to the next level?
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