Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Make DEI a Real Commitment

Fight unconscious bias and promote diversity by making data-driven decisions at every step of the employee lifecycle. From hiring decisions,

talent development, employee retention, and engagement, MyPrint can help you work towards your organization’s DEI goals.

Use Talentoday in your Talent Life Cycle

to achieve your DEI goals

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Using predictive hiring analytics for data-informed selection strategy. 

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Talent Selection

Create an equitable selection process and fight biases with soft skills evaluation.

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Employee Engagement

Celebrate diversity of thought by understanding and recognizing the different soft skills on your team to create an equitable and inclusive environment.

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Team Effectiveness

Use soft skills analytics to diversify your teams and enhance the decision making process.

Why Are Soft Skills Critical to Team Effectiveness?

Hiring, building, and managing teams based on hard skills alone has proven to be an inefficient and incomplete strategy in today’s world of work. Businesses are learning that strong soft skills will deliver valuable outcomes.

Deloitte research reveals that high-performing teams are both cognitively and demographically diverse. Diversity of thought empowers team effectiveness by:

  • enhancing team innovation by up to 20%.
  • enabling groups to better spot problems, reducing risks by up to 30%.
  • creating buy-in and trust, smoothing the implementation of decisions.

Measure Your Team’s Culture Fit and Behavioral Diversity

Talentoday’s Group DNA Dashboard helps HR leaders visualize two key areas of people analytics: Culture Fit and Behavioral Diversity. Culture fit aims to assess whether a candidate’s attitude, motivations and values are aligned with a group’s culture while behavioral diversity represents the potential prevalence of diversity of thought, varied opinions and creative viewpoints in the workplace.

Create a Group DNA to visualize your team’s soft skills strengths. Match members from your team to the Group DNA to see if they are strengthening your established team culture or helping to cultivate diversity of thought within the group. This ensures that your decision making process can be as granular as you want it to be.

Talentoday's Group DNA Dashboard

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    Tips for unbiased hiring

    Keep a consistent process.

    All candidates applying for the same position should undergo the same selection process, meaning if one person take’s the MyPrint, all candidates should. MyPrint should also be completed at the same step in the selection process for each candidate.

    Let the data talk.

    Understand the individual outside of their resume based on assessment results. 

    Challenge unconscious bias.

    Remove names from resumes, applications, and assessment results when reviewing for selection.

    Create a diverse selection team.

    Have diverse perspectives when making hiring, or selection decisions.

    Recognize that talent evolve.

    Review the date of the talent’s last assessment to verify results are within the last 6 months. 

    Track your progress.

    Leverage your hiring and selection data to understand areas of improvement, progress made, and accountability metrics (such as retention).