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Talentoday Manager

Talentoday Manager is our people analytics platform designed for corporate HR departments, HR and coaching firms, HR tech solutions, and higher education.
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MyPrint One-Page Report
MyPrint One Pager Report
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MyPrint Premium Report
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MyPrint Collaboration Report
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Group DNA

Rich intelligence & easy-to-use reports.

MyPrint One Pager Report

A snapshot of an individual’s core personality, motivations and behaviors. This report can be beneficial to quickly gain an understanding of an individual prior to the interview process, when managing a large team, or to better engage and motivate employees.

MyPrint Premium Report

This is where people data becomes people intelligence. This report outlines the soft skill traits that determine workplace success while providing leaders guidance to direct recruiting, hiring, career planning, training and promotion decisions.

Personality Radar- Talentoday Manager

MyPrint Collaboration Report

A tool for improving one-on-one collaboration and workplace productivity. Talentoday Manager’s collaboration reports offer a 10-page analysis of areas of synergy and risk between two individuals in terms of personality, motivations and behaviors, to help optimize onboarding, management and engagement strategies within an organization.

Group DNA

A soft skills tool that allows you to view your team synergies by aggregating your group’s data to help make the best hiring decisions, foster diversity of thought and enhance overall team effectiveness. Use Talentoday’s Group DNA profiles for job functions or roles, or create your own Custom Group DNA.

For Talent

Career-shaping insights that guide your next steps

MyPrint in detail

MyPrint is our one-of-a-kind soft skills assessment tool designed to dive into the personality, motivations and behaviors that shape workplace journeys and success.
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Personality Radar icon
Personality Radar

Provides personality dimensions at a glance, identifying your predominant and adaptable personality traits.

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Behavioral Styles

Examines what shapes a person’s teamwork, leadership and collaboration capabilities.

Motivations Scale icon - Talentoday
Motivations Scale

Our proprietary tool for measuring personal motivation to better understand what drives a person.

One-Page Report icon - Talentoday
One-Page Report

This report is a summary of an individual's top traits across personality, motivations and behaviors.

Talentoday Plus:The Premium MyPrint

A premium deep dive, Talentoday Plus is an elevated and expanded MyPrint report.

  • 30+ pages of data that take taking personal intelligence to the next level.
  • Powerful tool for analyzing job opportunities, career choices, cultural fit and learning paths.
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Transformative People Intelligence

Providing a multidimensional profile of candidate, employee and workforce soft skills, Talentoday Manager is a powerful analytical tool that arms organizations with the intelligence to make the very best recruitment, hiring, training, career path and promotion decisions.
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Personality Radar App Report - Talentoday
Personality Radar Report - Talentoday
Personality Radar Product Report - Talentoday