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  • It’s an easy, no-stress test with no right or wrong answers.
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    A simple series of questions, MyPrint takes an average of 25 minutes to complete.
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    After taking the MyPrint assessment, you will get a complete profile of the elements that shape your unique personality.
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    The MyPrint assessment also delivers a one-page analysis of your personality traits, motivations and behaviors.

Talentoday Plus

MyPrint is just the start. Discover Talentoday Plus.

With Talentoday Plus, you can take your professional and personal intelligence to the next level. Offering a deep dive into all aspects of your personality, motivations and behaviors, Talentoday Plus provides a detailed analysis of your strengths and opportunities for growth. It’s a powerful tool for analyzing job opportunities, career choices and learning paths.
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    Personality Radar
    See how your personality traits affect your workplace engagement, collaboration skills and flexibility.
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    Motivations Scale
    Use our proprietary tool for measuring personal motivation to better understand what drives you.
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    Behavioral Styles
    Behavioral styles are unique to each person. Get to know yours with Talentoday Plus.
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    Premium Report
    A 30+ page examination of the characteristics, behaviors, strengths and opportunities for growth that shape you and your career.

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“Talentoday Plus was the best way for me to objectively assess my own strengths before entering the workforce.”
Paul LasserreStudentStanford University
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Get a one-page profile of your personality, motivations and behaviors.

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Get all-access, instructive reporting and opportunity to reassess every six-months.

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