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Transformative People Analytics

Who Works? What Works? Decide With Data.

Talentoday provides science-driven people analytics to fuel better decision-making at all points of the employment life cycle.
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Built to transform the employment life cycle.

From recruitment and placement to performance management and career development, Talentoday transforms people processes with essential and instructive data.
For Corporate HR

Make The Best Hiring & Development Decisions

With Talentoday, businesses gain the insights needed to make critical employment decisions, build better teams and map strong career paths.

For Higher Education

Guide Students To The Right Career Opportunities

Talentoday combines data on personality, motivations and behavioral attributes to give career counselors a new level of insight into student skills and strengths.

For HR Firms & Coaching

Improve Hiring Quality & Results For Your Clients

Use Talentoday's soft skills profiles to identify the best candidates for your clients' jobs, improving their hiring quality and workforce results.

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Decide with Data - Talentoday
Decide With Data

Transform How Your Business Works With Science-driven People Analytics

  • 3-tier people analytics profiling: personality, motivation and behavior.
  • Rich science-based analysis for identifying individual and team potential.
  • Dashboards and data visualizations for informing workforce decisions.
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Analytics You Can Act On

Analyze. Understand. Act. This Is Data You Can Put To Work

  • Leverage advanced science to make better employment and HR decisions.
  • Utilize snapshot reports to inform interviews and performance reviews.
  • Draw on rich talent profiles to position employees and students for success.
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Analytics You Can Act on - Talentoday
Accédez à un aperçu des talents et de la main-d'œuvre du monde entier
Global Workforce Intelligence

Access Talent & Workforce Insight From Around The World

  • 4M+ global talent profiles.
  • 160 countries represented.
  • 500+ enterprise, staffing firm, job board, and university clients.
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For HR Tech & Integrations

Enhance Your Workforce Platform With A Seamless Talentoday API Integration

With a simple and seamless integration of our API, workforce management, job search and career development platforms can add Talentoday’s rich people analytics to their capabilities.
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From people insights to business results.

"Their expertise, coupled with their passion around revealing human potential and helping people achieve fulfillment, has made Talentoday the perfect addition."

68.9% Decrease In New Hire Turnover

Led by their own HR team using Talentoday's Collaboration Report, Medix empowered managers and their direct reports to have proactive conversations with guidance on how to work better together based on their unique MyPrint results. As a result, Medix saw a significant increase in employees staying with the organization past the first 90 days of employment.
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