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Talentoday provides science-driven people analytics to fuel better decision making at all points of the employment life cycle. Our tech analyzes and predicts workplace behavior, motivation, and success.
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Transform HR with People Analytics.

Elevate Your Workforce with Science

An organization’s success is driven by its people. Get strong data and in-depth analysis to improve your workforce’s performance and engagement.

Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

Offer a unique, optimized hiring experience using smart algorithms that support your recruiters and remove unconscious bias.

Decrease Your Employee Turnover

Our algorithms help you recruit the right talent, support employee development, and build successful, fulfilled teams.

Trusted by 500+ clients
"Their expertise, coupled with their passion around revealing human potential and helping people achieve fulfillment, has made Talentoday the perfect addition."

68.9% Decrease In New Hire Turnover

Learn how Medix uses Talentoday's soft skills assessment and Collaboration Report to increase employee retention past the first 90 days of employment.
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Transform Your Hiring Experience with a Unique Soft Skills Assessment

MyPrint is our proprietary soft skills assessment. It is designed to examine and report on the individual and team personality, motivations and behaviors factors that shape workplace journeys and success.

No right or wrong answers.

It’s quick! Approximately 20 minutes.

Trusted by talent around the world.

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Analyze, Understand, Act: Put the Data To Work

Talentoday Manager is a science-driven people analytics platform fueled by MyPrint, our innovative assessment. The multidimensional soft skills data is transformed into rich insights on digital dashboards and easy-to-use reports.

Combining psychometrics and artificial intelligence, our algorithms let you define the work culture, support collaboration, measure culture fit and adopt diversity within your teams.

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Enhance Your Workforce Platform With A Seamless Talentoday API Integration

With a simple and seamless integration of our API, workforce management, job search and career development platforms can add Talentoday’s rich people analytics to their capabilities.
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