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Streamline & Digitize

Singular digital platform empowers team to guide more students to career success, helping them discover their professional strengths and qualities in a few clicks.

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Personalized Guidance

Personality traits, not just majors. Collect full student profiles and aspirations, and empower counselors to provide more students with personalized guidance.

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Data, Trends & Insights

Leverage the data of an entire student population in one place and monitor trends, analytics and use data to make important departmental decisions.

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Confidence Meets Efficiency

Efficiently guide students to make important career decisions based on job recommendations that fit their personality and motivations.

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Students want insightful direction. Talentoday provides it.

“For our students, the MyPrint report helps them prepare for future interviews with companies, and allows them to grasp the question: What are your qualities and faults?”
Anne-Laure Thollot
conseillère carrière
IAE Lyon
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Improve Graduate Employment Rates with Career-focused AI

  • The Personality Radar identifies soft skills strengths and distinctions.
  • Behavioral styles reveal how students communicate and collaborate.
  • Motivation Scale identifies specific traits that drive an individual to achieve.

With Talentoday, career counselors can rapidly know their students on a deeper, insightful level. It means more time to provide thoughtful guidance that ends in hired grads and high employment rates.

Here's How Talentoday Can Improve Your Student and Career Services:

  • Match students to job paths based on soft skills
  • Make data-driven student and class enrollment decisions
  • Enhance key soft skills and develop career guidance skills
  • Serve more students with data-driven career advice
  • Prepare students for success with key soft skills insights
  • Align programs, internships, apprenticeships with soft skills

This Is the Career Dashboard You've Been Looking For

  • Custom career profiles and reports for every student.
  • Results can be shared across user-friendly tools students love.

Talentoday Manager is an easy-to-use, science-driven platform that helps colleges and universities guide students to career success and discover their professional strengths.