What our clients say about us?

Our clients around the world partner with Talentoday to change the way they do business

“If you are serious about integrating psychometrics to your business, I could not think of a better and easier way and team than Talentoday to do so”

Alex Bitoun
Sagely Inc. CEO

“During the test period when I was evaluating the tool along with others, the Talentoday report was the only one that pointed out to me that one candidate was shy and had difficulty communicating in groups. This is exactly what made me decide to include the tool.”

Luís Marino

“What is important to us about a personality and motivations test is to have the most faithful results possible. All of the firm's consultants have passed the test. Unanimously, we all agree that Talentoday results are very faithful to our personalities respectively. This is essential to us. ”

Nicolas D’HOOGHE

Growing Customer Success together

As a recruitment industry, we were relying too much on the technical skill sets, CVs or hard skills that we could see on paper.
We weren't analysing people's personalities or motivators enough.
We were making the wrong appointments, it was the wrong culture fit.

Partnering with Talentoday

Our success is being a personalized relationship driven organization
We are taking time to understand and get to know our candidates and it's the perfect tool to allow us to do that
It's already absolutely contributing to our success every day.