In 2017, we saw an increase in the demand for integrating the Talentoday assessment process and results into third-party applications. These apps range from traditional digital platforms in the HR industry, such as HRIS or job boards, to more unconventional ones, such as freelance management software platforms. In this blog post, we will explain how integration is offered for partner apps, and how we can provide a fully unified and seamless experience for their users.

Integrate the mYti© questionnaire in your app with embedded iFramed light application. An example with CustomerIT.

We are proud to announce that you can now easily integrate mYti© questionnaire in partners eco-system. The necessary toolkit has been released, and leverages two new key components:

The Talentoday Partner API v1.0 was released in January 2018. It has been designed, implemented and documented following the OpenAPI Specification. The purpose of the API is to take psychometric results of the organization’s members, and allow the programmatic distribution from raw data to consolidated reports. The users of this API are designated by the term “partners”, and are made up of existing customers of Talentoday Manager©, as well as partners from other applications where more value can be gained through the integration of a soft-skills component for their users. For example, this API allows you to list the organization’s members (a.k.a. people assessed). Thanks to webhook capabilities, the partner application is notified whenever a member of this organization completes the questionnaire, etc. As mentioned above, the Partner API allows the partner’s ecosystem to retrieve assessment scores and the resulting spider charts for personality traits and motivations, as well as structured PDF reports.

The iFrameable light application is a tactical way to integrate the Talentoday experience into your app. Specifically, the iFrame code is similar to the codes you can find on Youtube’s “embed” sharing code. The light mode application allows a person to sign-up for Talentoday services, and take the psychological assessment without leaving the partner app. Of course, members are still able to access their Talentoday account in the regular application on

Leveraging the API will allow the partner to integrate personality results or any related material, such as spider charts, reports, etc. into their own web app, providing their users with a 100% integrated Talentoday experience.

Technical overview of the integration’s key components and how they interact with each others with the company Contoso Ltd.

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