Webhelp Case Study: Successful Job Placement with Soft-skills

The Challenge: Lack of Insight into Top Performers’ Skill Sets

With thousands of new hires annually, streamlining the recruiting process had become a critical challenge for Webhelp. In need of a better process to identify top performers for key positions, Webhelp turned to Talentoday to help optimize the job placement process as soon as candidates passed the generic corporate recruitment phase.

The Solution: Optimize Job Placement with Thorough Assessment

Leveraging MyPrint, Talentoday conducted a massive soft-skills assessment campaign with employees to collect soft skills data. Coupling that with company performance data, Talentoday created a replicable roadmap using traditional descriptional statistics methods and complex machine-learning techniques to identify key soft skills for critical roles.

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The Results: More Successful Job Placements Driven by Data

With nearly 4,000 completed My Print assessments, Talentoday was able to provide two to five key soft skills for the top seven positions in the Webhelp organization. This roadmap is used to help Webhelp make personalized job recommendations to candidates based on their MyPrint soft skills assessment. In addition, this study assisted the company in identifying top performers, as well as individuals who needed improvement, in seven critical positions while taking into account cultural differences between countries.



Talentoday Case Study - Webhelp logoWebhelp is a global customer experience and business process outsourcing company, operating across a range of digital, social and traditional voice channels. Webhelp is present in 29 countries, with more than 90 customer experience and payment service centers and over 35,000 people serving 500+ clients.

Soft skills are a key focus in the roles at Webhelp, and Webhelp’s top managers strongly believe in the importance of behavioral science to improve the efficiency of their Human Capital Management practice.

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