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We help you build great teams

Get data that is relevant to your team and see how you relate to the success of your company. Evaluate trends, make smart management decisions and develop individuals into top performers.

Get data to assist with:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Talent development
  • Employee engagement
  • Management issues
  • Internal mobility
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People analytics at your fingertips

Get insights that will improve the entire employee lifecycle of your team. Hire individuals that fit, train individuals into top performers and keep employees motivated toward your common goals.

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    Quickly onboard employees

    Onboard employees using unique soft skills data and ramp up new hire productivity faster.

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    Train and develop based on soft skills

    Use data to identify an employee's strengths and provide them the personalized training they need to become a top performer.

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    Improve employee motivation and retention

    Use psychometric data to better understand your employees and motivate and engage them on an intrinsic level.

Use team analytics to make big decisions

Create a team profile to see where your strengths are and make sure you are onboarding individuals who will compliment and add new skills to the team.

Example of the personality of a Group DNA matched with several candidates and the display of the matching percentage