The world of work is always changing. However, in the last two years, organizations in all industries have to rethink everything about the way we work.

How have your employees changed? Are you ready to adapt your processes to meet their evolving needs?

Learn how to embrace personalized solutions that are driven by the latest soft skills data and tailored to the changing personalities and motivations of the workforce.

Utilizing MyPrint personality assessment results gathered from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this  report investigates:

  • 6 Soft Skills on the Rise
    From increased autonomy to a need for more variety, what is driving employees to succeed? 
  • 6 Soft Skills on the Decline
    What impact will lower levels of skills like grit and empathy have on your team?
  • The Effects on Workplace Behaviors 
    Leadership, work and learning styles are all changing alongside our shifting soft skills.

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