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Personality is the secret to success in any role. We use soft skills data to help you drive professional success.

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For businesses

Talentoday Manager

A powerful people analytics business solution, Talentoday Manager helps recruiters, coaches and HR professionals worldwide to achieve a streamlined, and more accurate, hiring and talent management process.

  • Use it to Recruit people

    We provide you with data to help you make smarter and faster decisions, match candidates to jobs and provide evidence-based recommendations to managers.

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  • Use it to Manage performance

    We give you the unique data to merge new employees seamlessly onto teams and improve employee development plans.

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  • Use it to Career counsel

    We provide you unique insights about your clients and the ability to match them against a large library of professions and jobs.

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Percentage comparison of candidates' personality fit for an open sales position

Understand your people and know where they will succeed

Our job profile matching platform, built on predictive analytics, gives career professionals the data to back up their sixth sense on an individuals fit for a role. We use a science based assessment to help you quickly select candidates, teammates or coach individuals based on their unique personality traits.

For individuals

You are unique, find a job that will help you grow

It's time to find a job that will fit you, not a job for you to fit into. The Talentoday assessment will show you your personal strengths and how to use them to land your dream job.

Personality radar showing 20 soft skills traits based on Talentoday assessment results