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Our mission is to build strong companies with the right people

Talentoday was founded on the belief that making smart career decisions is dependant on self-awareness. Knowing and understanding one's personality and self-motivations are essential ingredients for success and happiness in life. The company's ambition is to empower people to harness their talent and use it where they will flourish.

This empowerment is achieved through helping employees, job seekers and managers understand what they have to bring to the table. Everyone wants to feel part of something special. That is where we come in. Nowadays, the success of a job depends on the right fit – personality, skills, and motivation. We help professionals and companies match the “right” talent with the “right” opportunity through a modern and scientific approach to career guidance. Talentoday aims to contribute the most advanced scientific and quantitative job matching techniques because we believe that the right people are what make companies great.

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