Schools & Universities: Coach students into fulfilling careers that match their personalities and skills

Guide students

Leverage our leading-edge career management platform Talentoday Manager© and efficiently transition more students into the workforce. Talentoday is insightful and easy-to-use for both you and your students. Your career counselors will be able to provide individualized career guidance and interview preparation to a greater number of students by helping them understand their soft skills, talents and improvement areas.

Guiding students in their career paths has always been a priority for Talentoday and more than 2 millions students have been assessed through our questionnaire.

Use soft skills to coach your students in their career paths

  • Leverage Talentoday Manager© to easily and quickly provide students with deep personal insights

    Provide your students with a deeper understanding of their interpersonal skills, personalities, interests and motivations, for them to learn how they correlate to career possibilities.

  • Develop confident students fully prepared for the interview process

    Equip students with the preparation they need before interviews with in-depth personality reports that identify their opportunities for improvement, and provide sample interview questions. Help them identify their added value on the market by sharing Talentoday reports with them.

  • Move students into the job market quickly

    Talentoday Manager © allows counselors to understand students quickly and help them find their career paths. It enables to access to the right information and give practical recommendations backed by personality data.

  • Analyse your student profiles

    Counselors will be able to access analytics on your student population, for an optimized recruitement process and more productive/operational decisions.


Increase the number of students employed post-graduation

As a university, your goal is to see your students excel and succeed. With the Talentoday Manager©, you can provide your counselors with the support and data they need to increase the number of students who are employed or enrolled in graduate school.

Improve employer relations

Provide companies with an insider look at your students, and encourage students to share their personality profile with potential employers. Encourage students to acquire internships that match their soft skills and set them up for success right after their graduation.

Provide job matching tools and assist a greater number of students

Assist and guide a greater number of students in less time. Our library of job profiles makes it simple to match students against careers or job titles they show interest in. Indeed, our Talentoday's Target Profiles© allows you to simply select a job, match the student and get a fitting score.

Start assessing your students by having them take the test