Leverage Talentoday's Partners API

Bring soft skills intelligence to your solutions

We help you collect unique soft skills data through our MyPrint® assessment.

We provide HR data & insights to our partners' solutions to help them in decision making for talent acquisition, mobility and personal growth.

A unique member experience to measure soft skills

The Aha! opportunity platform integrates seamlessly with MyPrint®, helping thousands of talent find the right opportunity every day.

Offer your users a premium and fully integrated experience

With Talentoday's Software Development Kit (SDK), your users can complete the MyPrint® assessment within your application for a seamless and unique experience.

Deliver direct insights to your users

Gather full and relevant data from Talentoday's Partners API. Your users can access a snapshot of their soft skills profile thanks to our One-Pager synthesis.

Collect relevant data in many formats

Pychometric data

The scores are computed along the MyPrint framework using the state-of-the-art IRT computational techniques.

These scores can be combined with your internal KPIs to draw correlation and eventually boost performance.

Predictive analytics

Our unique matching algorithm create outputs, based on our Target Profile technology and can be fetched with Talentoday's Partners API.

Consolidated Reports

Our different reports can be downloaded individually and in mass thanks to Talentoday's Partners API.

Our API will let you archive the PDF files in your own database, Electronic Document Management or even ATS/HRIS solutions.

A quick integration with your solution

Integrating reliable psychometrics has never been so easy

Thanks to Talentoday's Partners API all difficulty and pitfalls have been taken away from your integration team. With just a couple lines of code, the powerful MyPrint® assessment will be live in your app and key data outputs available to you.

Customize the theme

Customize the questionnaire theme to match your app's identity for a more seamless and graphically consistent user interface.

Here is an overview of how a typical integration works on the back end.

“The flexibility of Talentoday's API allows us to customize the features we already love from Talentoday Manager to serve our customers in our own environment. Partnering with the Talentoday team and their amazing culture allows us to serve the evolving needs of all our stakeholders seamlessly.”

Matt Martino   |   Director of Digital Strategy   |  

Innovators Using Talentoday's Partners API

They've enhanced their solutions with soft skills data. You can too!

Powering more than 10K behavioral assessments per day

Discover Talentoday's Partners API

Discover the specifications: Talentoday's Partners API is a REST API and follows OpenAPI Specifications (OAS3) standards

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