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“Our partnership with Talentoday helps us leverage big data to optimize job placements for technical, middle and top management talent.”

Christophe Catoir  |  CEO of the Adecco Executive Branch

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Percentage comparison of candidates' personality fit for an open sales position

Within minutes, match candidates to open jobs and spend time interviewing top performers

Our job profile matching platform, built on predictive analytics, gives recruiters the data to back up candidate recommendations for roles. We use a psychometric-based assessment to help you quickly pre-select candidates based on their unique personality traits, motivators and behaviors.

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How does it work?

Assess and match candidates in 4 easy steps

Dashboard with access to all the sent requests in your subscription with a highlight of the invitation status: completed, pending and accepted

1. Invite candidates to take the assessment

Send the assessment out to all of your candidates. All of your data will be compiled in one place so you can make quick and easy deductions on the data.

2. One single source of data for all your candidates

Access the results of all your candidate in one place. You will be able to rate, comment and apply labels to each individual that completes an assessment based on your priorities and objectives.

  • Predictive Behaviors
  • Unique interview questions for each candidate
  • Candidate percentage match to a role
  • Top traits
  • Leadership potential
  • Personality radar
  • Motivation scale
Examples of a personality radar, a behaviour matrix and a motivation’s scale
Example of the personality of a Group DNA matched with several candidates and the display of the matching percentage

3. Match candidates against thousands of job profiles

Match the candidate to a job profile to make the right choice for both the candidate and the hiring manager. You have the ability to create custom job profiles or use one from our library.

4. Make evidence-based decisions and share valuable data with the hiring manager

Use data to strengthen your decision making process and provide evidence to managers on your recommendations for hiring. We understand the extreme value of time, and we want to give you the tools to empower your team to make swift and informed decisions.

Talentoday allows us to more efficiently profile candidates and find their ideal placement opportunities. The platform offers an objective, unbiased profiling tool for our candidates. The fact that it takes less than 15 minutes to complete the assessment and generate a report is a huge plus.

Our candidates love how quick and user friendly Talentoday’s assessment is - and for our company it is a great starting point for more in-depth analysis.”

Juan Henschien profile picture

Juan Henschien
Director of Strategy and Digital Innovation
Shore Executive Search

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