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A platform to streamline and digitize your processes

Talentoday Manager is a unique and easy-to-use platform that helps you guide more students to career success, helping them discover their professional strengths and unique qualities in just a couple of clicks.

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    An efficient tool for your career services team

    Collect full candidate profiles and aspirations and empower counselors to provide more students with personalized guidance.

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    All of your data in one place

    Leverage the data of an entire student population in one place and monitor trends, analytics and use data to make important departmental decisions.

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    Nurture individuals with relevant job matches

    Efficiently guide students to make important career decisions based on job recommendations that fit their personality and motivations.

Experiential learning by combining soft skills and artificial intelligence

You will have access to a unique range of soft skills data on each student including personality traits, motivations, behaviors and more. You will decrease the time you spend understanding students and more time setting them up for professional success.

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  • Each student has a customizable profile, where they can upload a profile picture and choose to share results publicly or keep them private.
  • A dashboard for career center managers to monitor activities (i.e. sent requests, incoming requests and notes on students).
  • Results can be shared across user-friendly tools that students are familiar with: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Quickly guide students to make important career decisions.

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