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Features included

Our platform includes tools, such as the Collaboration Report and the Target Profiles, to help you, or your clients, make informed business decisions about employees and candidates. Explore our key features below.

One Pager Report

Get a brief snapshot of an individual's core personality, motivations and behaviors, an essential asset for differentiating your candidate experience and tackling soft skills effectively in an interview.

Premium Report

Access over 30 pages of in-depth analysis of an individual's personality traits, motivations and behaviors in order to make the most informed hiring and management decisions for your business and teams.

Collaboration Report

Discover a 10-page analysis of areas of synergy and areas of risk between two individuals (such as a manager and their talent), both in terms of personality, motivations and behaviors, allowing you to optimize onboarding, management and engagement strategies with new hires.

Target Profile

Find the closest match to the job position you are looking for by leveraging the data from our 4 million member platform.

Custom Target Profile

Test the fit of your candidates against any kind of population (team, business unit, company, job function/title and more) by creating and defining your own Target Profile.

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