Talentoday Manager

Boost your organization’s performance through soft skills analytics

Features Include

Our platform includes tools, like Target Profiles and Matching, to help you, or your clients, make informed, business decisions about employees and candidates. Explore our key features below.

One Page Report

A brief snapshot of an individual's results providing you with insights about one's personality, motivations and behaviors

Premium Report

Access over 20 pages of additional insights through our Premium Report, which goes much further in explaining the individual results of the Snapshot Report and provides a deeper analysis of an individual's personality traits, motivations and behaviors in order to make the most informed decisions for your business and teams.

Target Profile

Find the closest match to the job position your are looking for by leveraging the data from our 4 million member platform.

Custom Target Profile

Match your candidates to a job profile by creating and defining your own target profile.


Find the the candidate that better fit in your team by comparing it to your Custom Target Profile or by leveraging the insights of the Talentoday Target Profile.

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