Talentoday Manager pricing

30-day trial

$ 490 /month

Try the complete suite of technology for a one month trial

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  • 1 manager seat
  • 10 assessments
  • 1 hour setup assistance
  • Certification level 1
  • Copper support


$ 3,490 /year

Advanced capabilities for independent professionals

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  • 1 manager seat
  • 50 assessments
  • 1 hour setup assistance
  • Certification level 1
  • Copper support


$ 5,990 /year

Premium capabilities designed for growing team

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  • 1 manager seat
  • 100 assessments
  • 2 hours setup assistance
  • Certification level 1 and 2
  • Silver support



Custom pricing for larger companies for ultimate control and flexibility at scale

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  • 5+ manager seats
  • 500+ assessments
  • Custom set-up assistance
  • Custom trainings and consulting
  • Support built to scale

Included features

  • Target icon

    Target Profiles

    Compare individuals against our library of job profiles or create a custom profile to match individuals against.

  • Two paper sheets icon

    Job matching

    Match individuals against open positions or potential careers and make informed decisions.

  • Personality radar icon

    Personality data

    Unique soft skills data on each individual with insights into their top talents, improvement areas and behaviors.

  • Smile icon

    Motivations data

    Understand analyze individual and team performance with data on employee moral and motivation.

  • Predictive professional behaviors icon

    Predictive professional behaviors

    Know how individuals will act in situations of leadership, communication, teamwork and more.

  • PDF icon

    PDF assessment exports

    Download customizable personality and motivation reports on all individuals that are filled with unique data points.