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Talentoday Announces Launch of Target Profile Library

San Francisco ­­ July 12, 2016­­ - Talentoday ( announced the launch of its Target Profile Library on Thursday June 30th, 2016 from its office in San Francisco, California. The feature will be exclusively part of the Enterprise package, Talentoday’s premium business solution. Clients now have full access to a library composed of 67 different job titles, 30 job functions, and more than 150 job titles by 2016. The Target Profile Library was built based on Talentoday’s continuously growing database of over 3 million job profiles.

Recruiters and HR professionals will have access to key personality traits that are scientifically proven to be very relevant for a job position. They will also be able to rank candidates according to the job opening thanks to a powerful scientific matching algorithm that takes all similar job profiles and keeps the underlying common denominator. The personality traits the algorithm picks up are essential for the candidate to possess in order to be successful in the job.

In addition to using Talentoday’s growing job library, HR professionals can also create their own custom job profiles. To ensure companies meet their specific needs, the custom technology selects personality traits in just a few clicks from top performers currently in the desired role at the company to compare incoming candidates against.

In both cases, the intuitive radar helps recruiters visualize how their candidate matches with the profile. A ranking of the candidate to a position or profile is also done to further ease the hiring process. This disruptive recruitment method responds well to the progressive working generations by being gender, ethnic and pedigree bias free.

Find out more about Talentoday’s Target Profile Library.

“Thanks to the quality of Talentoday’s data, our machine learning algorithms enable us to target in a very precise manner and understand a group’s psychological traits. The large volume of data makes it possible to analyze at different scales and reveal the impact of job position, company culture, and country culture on the personality.” says Martin Prillard, Data Scientist & Engineer at Talentoday.


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