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Teams can access Talentoday’s scientific and user-friendly solution to develop teamwork and understanding, saving time with team fit assessments prior to coaching sessions.

After only nine months, the company has more than 3 million users -- with paying clients from more than 100 organizations in approximately 160 countries.

With the skills gap ever widening, there’s logic in finding candidates who will fit into your company, even if they don’t have every qualification for the job.

Press releases

Medix acquires Talentoday

Talentoday, HR tech startup, raises $3.49 Million in Series A funding

Talentoday announces launch of Target Profile library

Talentoday launches iOS version of science-based personality test

People Analytics startup helps major HR leader transform recruiting practices

Talentoday introduces Predictive Professional Behavior report

Talentoday achieves Gold Level status in Oracle PartnerNetwork

Talentoday announces launch of enterprise career guidance platform

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Talentoday Manager

An assessment solution for Staffing Agencies and Enterprises, Talentoday Manager uses People Analytics to support career success and organizational growth.

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Talentoday assessment

The Talentoday assessment, measuring both personality and motivations, is available on the public website.

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