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Flexible training for modern managers and recruiters

Our trainings cover the concepts and tools you need to make quick hiring decisions based on psychology. You are the professional, our certification will take the grunt work out of the recruiting process by sharpening your skills so you can dive deep on the right candidates. From asking the right kinds of questions to understanding candidates key personality traits and motivators this training will leave you equipped to hire the right fit. At completion, graduates will feel confident in making smart decisions and truly master how to interpret results.

How businesses use the Talentoday Certification

Our certification program is designed for you to truly understand your teammates and candidates to create a team that is build to last.

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    Managers and team leaders

    As a manager you need to understand your team members to create effective collaboration. Our certification program teaches you to use psychometrics to understand how your employees are motivated. You will understand how to use the best attributes of each member of your team.

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    As a recruiter you need to find the best match, quickly. Our certification program allows you to get into your candidates head and truly understand how to they tick. You will have the psychometric training to make quick and informed decisions backed by data.

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    Career counselors

    As a career counselor student and employee success is your main priority. Our certification program empowers you to understand your students before you talk to them. You will be able to quickly interpret personality results allowing you to spend more time with a greater number of individuals.

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