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Talentoday Manager

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Talentoday Manager pricing



Discovery plan for small teams

Contact us about our Pay-As-You-Go plan
  • 1 Talentoday Manager seat
  • 10 assessments
  • 1 hour setup & demo*


4 990 /year

Advanced capabilities for independent professionals

Contact us about our Professional plan
  • 1 Talentoday Manager seat
  • Unlimited assessments**
  • 1 hour setup & demo
  • Online chat support



Custom pricing for larger companies for ultimate control and flexibility at scale

Contact us about our Enterprise plan
  • Multi Talentoday Manager seats
  • Flexible number of assessments
  • Team & Company analytics
  • Dedicated training & consulting
  • Advanced reporting solutions
  • Direct hotline support
* first partnership only
** subject to fair usage

Included features