The new Target Profile visualization

Talentoday has committed to its customers a digital platform that is current and dependable. In that spirit we would like to thank our 100+ customers for their loyalty and feedback over the past year. With input from our clients and hard work from our designers, psychologists and data scientists we are excited to announce our new visualization for the Target Profile. Here’s an overview of the headline updates:

  • Analysis of the clusters is easier than ever due to the visual consistency between our personality and motivation radars with our Target Profile radar.
  • Introduced a new color and increased contrast of the motivation cluster.
  • Target Profile zones allow customers to easily draw conclusions about the results.
  • Target Profile traits are now ranked by degree of importance. In other words, you now clearly know the most essential traits that contribute to a profile.
  • To simplify the radar we have now made it standard to show 8 traits for a profile, no more, no less.

Visual consistency

Target Profiles empower our counselors and trained users to make the links between the personality reports and their decisions. We have changed the cluster colors displayed on the target profile to increase the visual consistency of all the radars we use at Talentoday. Why is this important? Our Target Profile technology matches personality & motivation radars against a profile from our library to create a Target Profile radar. The new visualization allows our clients to quickly analyze the results and make deductions from the data to make strong and confident decisions.

The new and improved Target Profile visualization

Increased contrast on Motivation Radar

We all know that keeping employees motivated is essential to fully functioning teams. This is one of the key features of our motivations radar and a big reason we have spent time on its look and feel. We have introduced the orange motivation color and increased contrast to ensure that our users do not confuse colors on the two radars.

Above are the new motivation radar & motivation scales

Introducing: Target Profile Zones

Take a look at the graph below. See that yellow thing there? That is a trait. This new look provides a clear way to analyze the data. This “zone” shows us that a specific trait for this Target Profile must score between 6 and 8 to be a good match. Clients use this visualization to understand if their candidates’ scores are falling within the zone of the trait. In conjunction with these zones we have included a legend and explanation at the beginning of Target Profile reports. Our clients are now fully equipped with the training they need to read and analyze the report.

How to read the Target Profile Radar


TP key traits are ranked by degree of importance

We have now added more information regarding ranking of important traits for each Target Profile. This new information helps you understand which traits are most relevant for a Target Profile. We emphasize the essential traits and motivators and list the additional traits we see as valuable for a given position. Customers are able to understand what is important within each profile and what traits to focus on while interviewing candidates for an open position or considering how to motivate/satisfy a current employee.

TP reports now highlight the essential traits for the profile

8 traits are displayed and ranked

Lastly, in order to standardize the Target Profile we now limit the number of traits shown in a Target Profile to 8. This allows for relevant comparisons between Target Profiles and makes drawing meaningful conclusions about candidates & employees quick and successful. Clusters are also ordered clockwise based on their accuracy. In the photo below, “CREATIVITY” is the most important zone, “EASE IN PUBLIC” the second most important, and so on.

Traits are ordered clockwise based on importance, starting with Ease in Public


The Target Profile visualization is a free update for everyone with an active license. If you need to renew your license, you’ll get Talentoday Manager with this in addition to many updates we have released in recent months.

Do let us know what you think of this new visualization — we’d love to hear from you. If you have questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us via our support page or join in the conversation on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for news about V2 of the Target Profile Visualization— we’re already working hard on it!