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In 2017, we saw an increase in the demand for integrating the Talentoday assessment process and results into third-party applications. These apps range from traditional digital platforms in the HR industry, such as HRIS or job boards, to more unconventional ones, such as freelance management software platforms. In this blog post, we will explain how integration is offered for partner apps, and how we can provide a fully unified and seamless experience for their users.

Integrate the mYti© questionnaire in your app with embedded iFramed light application. An example with CustomerIT.

We are proud to announce that you can now easily integrate mYti© questionnaire in partners eco-system. The necessary toolkit has been released, and leverages two new key components:

The Talentoday Partner API v1.0 was released in January 2018. It has been designed, implemented and documented following the OpenAPI Specification. The purpose of the API is to take psychometric results of the organization’s members, and allow the programmatic distribution from raw data to consolidated reports. The users of this API are designated by the term “partners”, and are made up of existing customers of Talentoday Manager©, as well as partners from other applications where more value can be gained through the integration of a soft-skills component for their users. For example, this API allows you to list the organization’s members (a.k.a. people assessed). Thanks to webhook capabilities, the partner application is notified whenever a member of this organization completes the questionnaire, etc. As mentioned above, the Partner API allows the partner’s ecosystem to retrieve assessment scores and the resulting spider charts for personality traits and motivations, as well as structured PDF reports.

The iFrameable light application is a tactical way to integrate the Talentoday experience into your app. Specifically, the iFrame code is similar to the codes you can find on Youtube’s “embed” sharing code. The light mode application allows a person to sign-up for Talentoday services, and take the psychological assessment without leaving the partner app. Of course, members are still able to access their Talentoday account in the regular application on https://app.talentoday.com.

Leveraging the API will allow the partner to integrate personality results or any related material, such as spider charts, reports, etc. into their own web app, providing their users with a 100% integrated Talentoday experience.

Technical overview of the integration’s key components and how they interact with each others with the company Contoso Ltd.

Interested by integrating Talentoday? Email us at contact@talentoday.com

We’ve improved our technology!

At Talentoday, we are focused on continuous improvement and in order to offer users with a more intuitive representation of candidates’ and employees’ Target Profile matching scores, we have slightly altered the science behind them. The new technology provides actionable data that is easier to understand and analyze.

We have improved our algorithm for our clients and in turn enhanced our performance. Our new method for computing the matching score allows us to be consistent with the matching visualization. This change allows for the following:

  1. Easy to understand matching score and improved analysis process.
  2. Users will know which criteria are the most essential because the criteria are now numbered in order of importance.
  3. Increased value for our candidates and employees, who will now be be able to better understand the the skills that are most important in their current or future role.

Matching Score vs Matching Visualization: How they come together

The matching score was initially built by taking into account the 28 criteria scores we measure at Talentoday. In comparison, the matching visualization, based off the Target Profile, considers the 8 most predominant criteria for the targeted population. This technical decision was originally made to obtain a matching score as precise as possible, which takes into account the subtle variations provided by the whole pattern of criteria scores. Because the score was measured against 28 criteria and the visualization on 8 there was some unneeded discrepancy.

To simplify things, we will now compute matching scores and matching visualizations based on the 8 predominant criteria from a targeted population. This will then ensure that we have matching scores that are consistent with the matching visualization. This is achieved through a proximity calculation, i.e. the matching score computation is only based on the 8 most predominant criteria previously identified by our machine learning algorithm.

New Target Profile Viz with Criteria listed in order of importance


Another cool aspect of the new technology is the numbering of criteria in order of importance. Recruiters and managers can now easily pinpoint the essential criteria for a given role which can aid in the final decision making process.

If users experience questions we would love to chat. Please feel free to reach out to our support team. With this positive technology modification, some changes in matching score are to be expected.

This update will make the peoples’ experience more consistant and intuitive without changing users interaction with our platform.
We have much more to come as the year draws to a close. Our roadmap is packed with new ways to make our customers lives easier, and we look forward to sharing these with you soon.

For more information on other recent releases feel free to check out our blog. As always, your feedback is so important to us. If you wish to share and get in touch with us, give us a shout out on social media!

Talentoday Team

Talentoday Manager updates

We’ve improved a few core features that we hope you’ll love. Our biggest updates are improved candidate communication, report file transfer, and Talentoday Analytics changes. Here are the headline features in the last month:

  • TM analytics is now available for all Talentoday managers.
  • Talentoday account owners can now see individual details by the manager to help monitor usage and results.
  • Managers are now able to send a reminder email to all candidates who have not completed the personality assessment.
  • Managers can now send the personality report directly on the platform.
  • Lastly, we have now extended our Snapshot report to all users including those who do not have a Talentoday Manager account.

TM Analytics

Talentoday Analytics allows managers to monitor their usage on the Talentoday portal. Managers are able to easily keep track of the number of individuals they have assessed, the number requests they have sent out and the reports they have downloaded. This feature also includes analytics on the Target Profiles that managers have used and created to match people against a profile.

Analytics for managers is now live.

The owner of the Talentoday Manager account can also keep tabs on their other managers and see a break down of the requests being sent and the reports being downloaded by each manager. A number of other features are currently in the works and will be released in the coming months!

TM analytics helps managers monitor their activity and communication.

Candidate Communication

In order to save our managers time and improve communication between them and their candidates we have added a couple features to make life easier.

When managers send out a link for their candidates to take the test they expect a swift response. The last thing most busy managers want to do is keep track of who has taken the test and who has not. Talentoday does this automatically and now offers the ability to send a reminder email to the individuals who have not completed their test. This is a pre written email that can be sent and is automatically personalized with the click of a button.

You can now send email reminders to candidates who have not completed the assessment.

In response to customer feedback, we have also made it much easier for managers to send reports on the platform. In the past managers would have to download the report as a PDF before sending out to candidates. Now on the platform you can simply click send and an email will automatically be filled and sent to the individual.

Snapshot Report

A few months back we launched our new Snapshot report, a 1 page report on an individual’s talents, development areas, professional behaviors and motivations in the workplace. It was created to help recruiters and managers understand their candidates soft skills quickly so they can spend more time speaking with the right individuals.

Snapshot report is now available to all Talentoday users

Although we have not changed the report itself, we have now made this available to all of our Talentoday users. Now when individuals take the test, they will have access to their personality radar & their snapshot report, for free.

For more information on other recent releases feel free to check out our blog. As always, your feedback is so important to us. If you wish to share and get in touch with us give us a shout out on social media!

Talentoday Team

The new Target Profile visualization

Talentoday has committed to its customers a digital platform that is current and dependable. In that spirit we would like to thank our 100+ customers for their loyalty and feedback over the past year. With input from our clients and hard work from our designers, psychologists and data scientists we are excited to announce our new visualization for the Target Profile. Here’s an overview of the headline updates:

  • Analysis of the clusters is easier than ever due to the visual consistency between our personality and motivation radars with our Target Profile radar.
  • Introduced a new color and increased contrast of the motivation cluster.
  • Target Profile zones allow customers to easily draw conclusions about the results.
  • Target Profile traits are now ranked by degree of importance. In other words, you now clearly know the most essential traits that contribute to a profile.
  • To simplify the radar we have now made it standard to show 8 traits for a profile, no more, no less.

Visual consistency

Target Profiles empower our counselors and trained users to make the links between the personality reports and their decisions. We have changed the cluster colors displayed on the target profile to increase the visual consistency of all the radars we use at Talentoday. Why is this important? Our Target Profile technology matches personality & motivation radars against a profile from our library to create a Target Profile radar. The new visualization allows our clients to quickly analyze the results and make deductions from the data to make strong and confident decisions.

The new and improved Target Profile visualization

Increased contrast on Motivation Radar

We all know that keeping employees motivated is essential to fully functioning teams. This is one of the key features of our motivations radar and a big reason we have spent time on its look and feel. We have introduced the orange motivation color and increased contrast to ensure that our users do not confuse colors on the two radars.

Above are the new motivation radar & motivation scales

Introducing: Target Profile Zones

Take a look at the graph below. See that yellow thing there? That is a trait. This new look provides a clear way to analyze the data. This “zone” shows us that a specific trait for this Target Profile must score between 6 and 8 to be a good match. Clients use this visualization to understand if their candidates’ scores are falling within the zone of the trait. In conjunction with these zones we have included a legend and explanation at the beginning of Target Profile reports. Our clients are now fully equipped with the training they need to read and analyze the report.

How to read the Target Profile Radar


TP key traits are ranked by degree of importance

We have now added more information regarding ranking of important traits for each Target Profile. This new information helps you understand which traits are most relevant for a Target Profile. We emphasize the essential traits and motivators and list the additional traits we see as valuable for a given position. Customers are able to understand what is important within each profile and what traits to focus on while interviewing candidates for an open position or considering how to motivate/satisfy a current employee.

TP reports now highlight the essential traits for the profile

8 traits are displayed and ranked

Lastly, in order to standardize the Target Profile we now limit the number of traits shown in a Target Profile to 8. This allows for relevant comparisons between Target Profiles and makes drawing meaningful conclusions about candidates & employees quick and successful. Clusters are also ordered clockwise based on their accuracy. In the photo below, “CREATIVITY” is the most important zone, “EASE IN PUBLIC” the second most important, and so on.

Traits are ordered clockwise based on importance, starting with Ease in Public


The Target Profile visualization is a free update for everyone with an active license. If you need to renew your license, you’ll get Talentoday Manager with this in addition to many updates we have released in recent months.

Do let us know what you think of this new visualization — we’d love to hear from you. If you have questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us via our support page or join in the conversation on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for news about V2 of the Target Profile Visualization— we’re already working hard on it!

Talentoday Snapshot is now live

Since the recent release of our customizable personality report, our team has been hard at work with a brand new feature. Recruiters and managers have been asking for a summary report where they can quickly and efficiently get a high level overview of their candidates.

According to Forbes Magazine, 118 candidates apply for a given role. That is a lot of resumes. With more and more applicants coming through the system, less time is spent going through the details. In order to simplify the process of understanding a candidates personality and soft skills we have come out with Snapshot.

Snapshot is a 1 page report on a candidates talents, development areas, professional behaviors and motivations in the workplace. It was created to help recruiters and managers understand their candidates soft skills quickly so they can spend more time speaking with the right individuals.

Talentoday’s new Snapshot feature is available now for Talentoday Managers customers

For those who are new to Talentoday technology, we have a quick yet full scale personality assessment, based on psychometrics, that is sent from our online platform. Recruiters and managers can manage their employees and candidates from the platform and can leave comments, reviews, download a fully customizable personality and motivations PDF or the new 1 page Snapshot.

They can also create Target Profiles which they can then match a candidate against to see if they are a good fit for the open position. We have recently released new updates to our Target Profile technology and creating job profiles is easier than ever.

Stay tuned for more product news. In 2017 we have recommitted to providing our customers with a product of excellence.

Talentoday Team

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Fully customizable personality reports

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a time saving feature to our personality and motivations report. The report (scientifically formulated for managers, counselors, HR professionals, and recruiters) provides information to better understand the person you are assessing. It is an in depth look at the individual assessed with our science and contains insights on an individual’s personality, motivations and predictive professional behaviors.

In the past, downloading the whole report produced a lengthy document, which was great, but customers have been asking for the option to have a more refined document.

We seek to make your life simpler. So we have taken our in depth report and made it completely customizable. This means you can pick and choose the sections you would like to include in your download. If you only want to see the personality radar* then great! We will pop out a nice 3 page report for you. If you want the whole kit and caboodle, thats great too! Your wish is our command, in just a matter of seconds.

*personality radar: is a look at an individuals soft skills and is provided when someone takes our questionnaire.

We now offer fully customizable PDFs for Talentoday Manager customers


You can now pick and choose the sections of the report you would like to include in your download.

This new feature also comes with a slick new design that is easy to present and easy for users to read. Kevin Lanceplaine US Engineering VP for Talentoday explains:

“By engaging with our clients frequently, we are constantly improving our products. Using cutting-edge design and internal communication tools we are able to translate this valuable feedback from our customers into actionable design changes, rapidly. The latest iteration comes with a sleeker design and next level customization”

This release is one of many updates our team has been working on early this year. We have also expanded our Target Profile Library and launched a new labels technology that allows you to easily tag and build large profiles in just a couple of clicks. Stay tuned for additional product updates and releases over the coming months. We are excited for what is to come.

Talentoday Team

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We Expanded our Target Profiles

We are excited to announce the addition of 25 Target Profiles to our growing library. For those of you that need a refresher, a Target Profile is the special sauce of our recruiting and HR management technology because it allows professionals to compare employees and candidates against a pre made profile. These 215 profiles range from Sales Associate to Graphic Designer and were created by combining an algorithm with our database of over 3 million individuals. The addition of the new 25 profiles means you can measure candidates against even more pre made profiles.

Want to see what one of these profiles looks like? Scope the picture below, it shows the Sales profile which was derived from all sales professionals in our database and then analyzed for similarities in personality and motivation. Sales people tend to have high determination, are at ease in public and have a lower* score in vision. (*At Talentoday there is no such thing as a negative score but rather a score that is going to help you do your job more efficiently) So when you are hiring someone to fit this role you want to be sure they have the essentials.

Target Profile for Sales professional

At the end of the day, our goal is to make your job easier so that you have time for the things that matter most. We have improved the project management process for our clients and using our science we have expanded the reach of the library.

The science behind the profiles is explained by Matthieu de Beaucorps, Data Scientist for Talentoday. “A profile is created by regrouping at least 30 customers’s assessment results that have the same job title. We then use this group’s data to train a binary classifier whose role is to distinguish, given some new questionnaire answers, this particular job from all other jobs. The two dozen profiles were built with our training algorithm which uses decision tree classifiers.”

All that to say that our Target Profile technology is constantly evolving and we are excited to continually add to the growing database. Want to learn more? Check out our science page to get the full scoop.

Talentoday Team

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Now in the US, Talentoday helping thousands find fulfilling careers

Welcome to the Talentoday blog! If you’re hoping to learn more about yourself to help find your dream job, or if you’re interested in best practices and insights about modern-day careers and career guidance, this is the place for you. Our team of psychologists and HR and career experts around the world will post here regularly, offering news, tips, commentaries and our own data and insights.

Talentoday is modern-day, scientific career guidance at its best. We work to improve millions of lives and redefine the way people, universities and enterprises think about career guidance. We provide a free, online assessment and coaching guide for anyone who wants a better understanding of their skills, assets and motivations, and we offer comprehensive guidance software for career counselors and corporate HR pros.

We’ve just come to the US following a successful launch in Europe, and we’re already teaming up with some of the most respected schools in the country — Columbia University, Upenn, Purdue University North Central and the University of California — Davis, to name a few. In fact, we’ve partnered with more than 80 of the world’s top universities and have helped assess and place more than 21,000 people — all in just over a year.

To kick off our US launch, we’re sharing some of our latest insights about students. Many recent grads struggle with the transition from college to the ‘real world’, and feel overwhelmed with career possibilities. In a recent survey by Talentoday, 59 percent of college students expressed that they don’t know what they want to do once they graduate.

That’s where we come in. Talentoday provides a free, easy way for people to know themselves better and be more confident in the future. To see what gets you going, take the assessment today. And remember, the Talentoday solution can help anyone — whether you’re a college student or an executive well into your career.

Have you already wished of having some kind of career guidance? Share your story in the comments below.

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